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Invitation to on-line seminar on art and new media: “Vilém Flusser’s view on art”
 UNESCO, MECAD/ESDi, are happy to announce the launching on 28 October 2004, as part of their Online Seminar series MEDIA ART _ PROSPECTS, the launching of the third monograph seminar devoted to Vilém Flusser, produced in collaboration with the Vilém Flusser Archive (Koln). 

V. Flusser (1920-1991) was a writer and philosopher in media and communications and one of the most important media theorists of the late 20th century. This seminar entitled “Vilém Flusser’s view on art” includes various essays, articles and videos by Flusser and texts on him. Registration - Online free of charge at: http://www.mecad.org/unesco.htmas of 20 October 2004. Other seminars already online: Peter Weibel - ALGORITHMIC ART. FROM CÉZANNE TO THE COMPUTEREugenio Tisselli - SEMINAR ON INTERACTIVITY AND PHYSICAL INTERFACESComing seminar :Christa Sommerer - INTRODUCTION TO INTERACTIVE MEDIA ART

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