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 The Slave Route
 Transatlantic Slave Trade
    Triangular trade
    History of abolitions
    2004 Commemoration Year
 Slave trade in the Indian Ocean
 Tribute to the victims
 Modern forms of slavery
Arab States Africa Latin America/Caribbean Asia/ the Pacific Europe/ North America
Activities worldwide
UNESCO World Heritage sites related to slavery 


  • Benin Royal Palaces of Abomey
  • Brazil Historic Center of Salvador de Bahia
  • Gambia James Islands
  • Ghana Forts and Castles
  • Haïti Sans-Souci Citadel
  • Mozambique Island of Mozambique
  • Panama Fortifications of Portobelo-San Lorenzo
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park
  • Senegal Island of Gorée
  • Tanzania Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City

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