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Journal of the International Parliament of Writers

In the wake of the assassination of Algerian writer Tahar Djaout, an appeal was launched in July, 1993 from Strasbourg, at the initiative of Carrefour des littératures. The organization declared that it was necessary to create a structure that could provide tangible support for writers victimized by persecution. Within a few days, a petition was signed by 300 writers throughout the entire world. This marked the birth of the International Parliament of Writers (IPW). Its goals included creating a network of Cities of Asylum and protecting the freedom of intellectual creation wherever it is threatened, by carrying out investigations on cases of censure and researching new forms of the phenomenon. On February 14, 1994, the fifth anniversary of the fatwa pronounced against Salman Rushdie, the organization established an executive board made up of seven members: Adonis, Breyten Breytenbach, Jacques Derrida, Edouard Glissant, Salman Rushdie, Christian Salmon and Pierre Bourdieu. Elected first president of the IPW, Salman Rushdie drafted a Declaration of independence, which served as the Parliament's charter

Date of periodical 20 Aug 2004
Publisher International Parliament of Writers
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