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Mr Ricardo Mbarkho
 Middle East 

Mr Ricardo Mbarkho - Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts
Abstract of presentation

Last Name Mbarkho
First Name Ricardo
New Media Artist and University Professor.
Lives and works in France and Lebanon.
Born in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1974.

Since 2002, he gives the course of "Art & Video" at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts - Beirut – Lebanon, where he is now a coordinator.

In 2004, he is invited to transmediale.04 (Germany) and to ARS Electronica (Austria), for participation.

Since 1995, the works of Ricardo Mbarkho enter many galleries, museums and festivals in Lebanon, Tunisia and Europe. France: Guislain Mollet-Viéville, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, ENSBA (Paris), ISEA 2000, Batofar, Cinéma Balzac. Germany: Cinema Black Box (Düsseldorf). Lebanon: Alice Mougabgab, Maraya, Sursock Museum. Tunisia: Le Centre Culturel de Sousse.

Articles and publications (selections):
Canada: La Presse. France: Beaux-Arts Magazine, Art Press, L'Autre Web, “Fonctionnement et disfonctionnement de l'art contemporain” (Fred Forest, l'Harmattan Ed.), “Repenser l'art et son enseignement” (Fred Forest, l'Harmattan Ed.). Lebanon: Cinema Beirut (NBN TV), Al Nahar, Al Anwar, Al Moushahed Assiyassi, Al Hikma, L'Hebdo Magazine, La revue du Liban. Tunisia: La Presse, Essahafa.

Studies and Diplomas:
Ricardo Mbarkho gets the “National Superior Plastic Arts Diploma", New Media section, (ENSBA, Paris, 2001). The Diploma of "Studies in Cinematography and Audiovisual Techniques", Electronic Creations section, (ESEC, Paris, 1998). The Diploma of State in "Painting and Drawing" (INBA, Beirut, 1996). In the fall 1999, he moved to Pittsburgh, PA - USA - where he worked on New Media projects include Filmmaking and Digital Special Effects.
Ricardo Mbarkho / Beirut - July 24, 2004 / Proposal version 2
Page 1
Students enrolled in the UNESCO digi-arts program of Art, Design and Technology Master Classes.
Ø Basic knowledge of the contemporary art history
Ø 2D Infography and Compositing
Ø Virtual Editing
Ø Good use of the Internet
Ø Colors studies (is a plus)
To form, with practice and theory, the writing and the directing of digital video projects: One or multi channels
videos, video installation, and interactive digital video projects:
Theory: The discussion method is used (online) to develop the ideas of each participant and to give
it a final form for an exhibition. An e-discussion list will be created to discuss the following topics:
· Historical background and Introduction to the moving image
· Introduction to the Real, the Reality and the Conflict as axes for writing sequences
· Introduction to Interactive video
· The Virtual and the Actual as axes for interactive writings
· The sound and the digital possibilities
· Video writing and Idea development
· Esthetic of editing
· To understand the relation between sound and image
· Analysis, critics and judgment criteria of a digital video project
· To understand the relation between art in general and the video as a medium
Practice: This should give the students all the necessary skills to execute themselves their final
projects. The Practice experience is given on site, in one of the universities engaged in the UNESCO
· Manipulate the video and sound machines and software
· Light and lighting
· To learn how to present a video project; Video exhibition
MODULE LENGTH (draft estimation)
One to two months (This depends on the way the module would be given: On Site, Online…)
Ø Fulfill the Pedagogic Objectives
Ø Assimilation of the students
Ø Personal invention of each student
Ø Research
Ø Digital Video project (with sound)
Writing, Directing, Pre-production, Production, post-production and diffusion
Ricardo Mbarkho / Beirut - July 24, 2004 / Proposal version 2
Page 2
At the end of the Module, each student presents one of these possibilities:
· 5 to 10 min Mono or Multi channels digital video (with audio)
· Video Installation (with audio)
· Interactive Video project (with audio), on DVD or CD Rom
Ø Editing Stations (Adobe Premiere Pro or AVID Express DV)
Ø 2D and Compositing software (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects)
Ø Video Cameras (Sony MiniDV or DV Cam)
Ø Studio for video shooting
Ø Video projector for screenings
Ø Video Cassettes (MiniDV or DV Cam)
Ø Bill Viola (For Digital Special Effects)
Ø John Sanborn (For Interactive video)
Ø Mona Hatoum (For Video Installation, ex “Corps etranger”)
Ø Fred Forest (For Communicational art and Networking)
Ø The New Media Festivals who are presenting a new generation of digital artists: ARS
Electronica, ZKM, Transmediale, ISEA 2000, Videoformes, Rencontres Paris/Berlin, etc.
Ø Etc.
E-Mail ricardombarkho@yahoo.com
Fax +961 1 500 779
Street Rond Point Hayeck, Sin el Fil. BP: 55251
City Beirut
Country Lebanon

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