Cultural Heritage

Extend the concept of cultural heritage to include the true cultural modes of today and yesterday.

The term ‘cultural heritage’ has not always meant the same thing. Recent decades have seen the concept of heritage—much like that of culture— undergoing a profound change.Having at one time referred exclusively to the monumental remains of cultures, heritage as a concept has gradually come to include new categories such as the intangible, ethnographic or industrial heritage. A noteworthy effort was subsequently made to extend the conceptualization and description of the intangible heritage. This is due to the fact that closer attention is now being paid to humankind, the dramatic arts, languages and traditional music, as well as to the informational, spiritual and philosophical systems upon which creations are based.The concept of heritage in our time accordingly is an open one, reflecting living culture every bit as much as that of the past.


Exhibition on World Heritage Sites in Croatia Flash Info n°155-2004
07 Oct 2004 - The Director-General opens exhibition and appoints Mr Relja Bašić as UNESCO Artist for Peace More...

UNESCO and the United Kingdom sign Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Heritage Conservation Flash Info No. 236
15 Oct 2003 - "Today more than ever, we need to help strengthen the capacity of developing countries to respond to emergency situations , protect heritage at risk and make heritage conservation an integral part of the livelihoods of local communities.", UNESCO Director-General declared. More...

World Heritage Convention: 14th General Assembly Flash Info No. 234
14 Oct 2003 - Addressing the representatives of 176 States Parties to the 1972 Convention, Koďchiro Matsuura, after noting with pleasure the accession of 11 new States, reviewed the achievements of the past two years. More...

International Experts Meeting In Tokyo Recommend Greater Security For Iraq’s National Museum and Heritage UNESCOPRESS
19 Aug 2003 - Some 30 experts who met in Tokyo on August 1 and 2 issued recommendations aiming at coordinating international efforts to safeguard Iraq’s cultural heritage. More...

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