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Cecilia Valdés


by Cirilo Villaverde (1812-1894)

Summary: This work depicts Cuba under Spanish rule, from 1812 to 1831. The author focuses on the phenomenon of slavery and, from there, goes on to examine society as a whole, built upon that system. Basing his story on the love between a freed mixed-race woman and a wealthy white man, with all the racial prejudice that such a relationship implied at the time, Villaverde constructs the most significant period novel in Cuban literature.

Reason for the choice: This work is being proposed because it is the first major novel in Cuban literature. It is a national literary monument.

Rights holder: National Heritage

For the last edition: Editorial Letras Cubanas

Address of the editor:
Distribuidora Nacional del Libro
Galiano 121 e/. Ánimas y Trocadero,
La Habana,CP-10200
Tel: (+53) 625606

Editor(s) Editorial Letras Cubanas
Publication Date 2002
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Keywords Literature, Cuba
Geography Keywords Latin America and the Caribbean