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Culture > Copyright Bulletin > Legal Developments > Nepalís New Law on Copyright: Some Reflections
Nepalís New Law on Copyright: Some Reflections

January - March 2004


1. Development of Copyright Law

2. New Copyright Act, 2002
    2.1. Rights of the Authors
    2.1.1. Economic Rights
    2.1.2. Moral Rights

2.2. Scope of the Application of the Law
2.3. Protected Works
2.4. Unprotected Works
2.5. Ownership of Copyright
2.6. Transfer
2.7. Terms of Protection

2.8. Limitations and Exceptions
       2.8.1. Private Use
       2.8.2. Teaching and Illustration
       2.8.3. Library and Archival Use
       2.8.4. Reproduction for Information Purposes
       2.8.5. Public Exhibition
       2.8.6. Reproduction of Computer Programs

2.9.  Infringement of Copyright
2.10. Remedies for Infringement
2.11. Enforcement
2.12. Collecting Societies

3.      Conclusion

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    Author(s) Pustun Pradhan
    Periodical Name Copyright Bulletin
    Number of pages 12

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