Maganda Pa Ang Daigdig (The World Be Lovely Still)

by Lazaro Francisco (1898-1980)

Summary of the Book:  The novel talks about the life of Lino, his working as a gardener, his faithlessness in the oppressive social system as aggravated by being falsely accused of committing robbery with homicide, his escape from the prison and leading the life of a fugitive, only to find himself trying to defend and enlightened landlord against the threats of the Huks, the dissident peasants of Central Luzon and former guerillas who fought the Japanese.  However through the help of Col. Roda, Padre Amando and several kindhearted people, Lino is made to understand the futility of leading a fugitive life.  The novel ends as Lino comes down from the mountain.

Reasons for this choice:  It falls within the parameters of the UNESCO; less known works by a Filipino writer, high artistic merit, worthy of translation to introduce to an international readership.

This book was first published in 1982, then 1989.  Serialized in Liwaway 1955 then reprinted as a book

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Publication Date 16 Mar 1992
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