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Rehabilitation of the Child Museum, Baghdad 

The Child Museum is housed in a small building, replica of a Neo-Assyrian entrance gate in Nimrud. 

It was conceived to introduce children to the manifestation of their cultural heritage and introduce them to the use of the larger archaeological museum. Since 1991 the building has been closed. In the aftermath of the war, the building was looted and damaged and many artifacts damaged or stolen.

The project aims at restoring, refurnishing and reequipping the building, so that it could begin to receive groups of school children as soon as possible. The Project complements the education children receive at school about the content and importance of their past. Thus it will contribute to the process of nation building and the enhancing of national identity.

Expected results:

  • Restore the building
  • Re-establish the role of Museum in heritage education for the youth and the public
  • Help the children to become familiar with the significance of their cultural heritage and in particular with the cultural identity of their country
  • Train children in appreciation of the material culture of their past.
Start Date 01 Mar 2004
End Date 01 Mar 2006
Lead Organization / Sector / Office UNESCO