Electronic book Digital Creation for sound and music

This Electronic book is an introduction to Sound and Music Creation using computers. It describes the processes involved in the various stages of the work: record, collect, process, edit, synthesize, mix, exchange.Before ones sets out to use any music software, it is useful to have a clear idea in which direction the work may go.

What possibilties are out there? I do I go about collecting sounds? Before I gather sounds, what should I know about how I will process them and turn them into music? Which tools should I to achieve my goals? What if I change my mind?
To take full advantage of the electronic book, you should acquaint yourself with the basic operations of your computer.
Although this electronic book is composed of several pages, it is designed to be easy to read. Each chapter provides a quick overview, although a reading of the entire tutorial is recommended. Your may find it convenient to use the table of contents which is accessible from every page (list of keywords).
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Author(s) Marc Battier
Publication Date 17 Dec 2003

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