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UNESCO Cultural Activities Worldwide

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ICTs for Intercultural Dialogue and Diversity: Developing Communication Capacities of Indigenous Peoples 

Indigenous peoples’ cultural resources are increasingly at risk due to the globalization process. This project aims at preserving these resources through access to ICTs, and through the development of indigenous content 

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The key aspect of the project includes the fostering   of intercultural dialogue between marginalized indigenous peoples and other groups both in urban and rural settings, through the use of ICTs that will contribute to enhancing indigenous peoples’ cultural identities and fighting discrimination. This project will also allow indigenous peoples to acquire greater skill in using ICTs, thereby creating new opportunities for income generating activities.

The goals UNESCO hopes to reach by incorporating this project include, the training of indigenous community leaders in ICT use; the production of indigenous cultural content for television, radio, and new media; awareness raised at the national and international level about indigenous creativity and about the importance of cultural diversity expressed through ICTs.

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Start Date 05 Dec 2003
End Date 05 Dec 2003
Website (URL) http://portal.unesco.org/ci/ev.php?URL_ID=14203&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201&reload=1081257731
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