First Name Atsuko
Last Name TANAKA
Expertise / Competencies -She began paintings and collages.
Short description Tokyo (Japan), 1924. Lives in Nara (Japan). (Historical Contributions), Performance.
Bio She began her artistic career in the fifties with paintings and collages that included “Calendar” (1954) and the series “Work” (1955). She later joined the Gutai Group of young Japanese artists using new materials in their work.
Performances featuring different costumes were the main characteristic of her work with the Gutaj Group. In 1956 she produced “Electric Dress”, an arrangement of coloured fluorescent light bulbs that flashed on and off. The artist presented this work in different performances, such as “Stage clothes” (1957), in which Tanaka wore costumes in different materials and different sizes, some of them almost four meters high and 19 meters wide. Her work invites reflection on the female body and questions raised by fashion.
In the eighties the works of Tanaka and the other Gutaj artists were shown in exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo (1981), the Städtisches Kunstmuseum, Düsseldorf (1983), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid (1985) and the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris (1986), amongst others.
In the nineties there was a retrospective sample of the Group at the 45th Venice Biennial. In 2002 The Im Taxispalais Gallery in Austria organized a retrospective of Tanaka’s work.

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