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The specialized research centre in the field of traditional literatures

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African Literature Association (United States of America)
The African Literature Association exists primarily to facilitate the attempts of a worldwide audience to appreciate the efforts of African writers and artists. More

Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature (Netherlands)
They exist to promote interest in Dutch-language literature abroad. More

EBLUL - European Bureau for Lesser-Used Languages (Belgium)
EBLUL speaks on behalf of over 40 millions European Union citizens who speak a different language to the majority language of their State. More

CETRA (Belgium)
Centre for translation, communication and cultures. More

American Oriental Society (United States of America)
The encouragement of basic research in the languages and literatures of Asia has always been central in the tradition of this Association. More

Storytelling Foundation International (United States of America)
They promote the power of storytelling and the creative applications of this ancient tradition to enrich the human experience everywhere. More

Léopold Sédar Senghor Foundation (Senegal)
Founded in 1974 by former President of Senegal, Léopold Sédar Senghor, this foundation is devoted to arts, literature, culture, science, dialogue and cooperation for peace, research. More

SGDL - La Société des Gens de Lettres (France)
The SGDL is an organisation promoting appreciation, initiative and monitoring for intellectual creativity. It has inaugurated or collaborated in various translation prizes. More

American Comparative Literature Association (United States of America)
They promote the study of intercultural relations that cross national boundaries, multicultural relations within a particular society, and the interactions between literature and other forms of human activity, including the arts, the sciences, philosophy, and cultural artefacts of all kinds. More

Hurston/Wright Foundation (United States of America)
The mission of the Foundation is to develop, nurture and sustain the world community of writers of African descent. More

Norwegian Writers for Children (Norway)
One important task for the association is to render literature for children and young people visible to the general public. More

Svenska litteratursällskapet (Finland)
Scientific organization which role is to collect, treat and release material that presents the birth and development of the Swedish culture in Finland, to promote the research of the Swedish language and literature in Finland, and to promote the writing of Swedish literature with help of awards and financial support. More

Association of Scottish Literary Studies (United Kingdom)
The Association aims to promote the study, teaching, writing of Scottish literature and to further the study of the languages of Scotland. More

CLFNZ - Children’s Literature Foundation (New Zealand)
The CLFNZ is a longstanding and respected national organisation in the field of children’s literature. More

Norwegian Writers' Centre (Norway)
The Norwegian Writers' Centre is an organization of Norwegian poets and fiction writers, founded in order to improve the contacts between writers and their public. More

The association of Catalan language writers (Spain)
Their objective is to protect the professional, cultural and intellectual interests of writers. More

Holocaust Literature Research Institute (Canada)
The role of the Institute is to search-out and collect survivor narratives. More

Finnish Literature Society (Finland)
Their mission is to promote and support research into Finnish culture and cultural traditions with particular reference to language, folk tradition and literature. More

European Folklore Institute (Hungary)
The institute is a regional centre for the safeguarding, revitalization and diffusion of traditional culture and folklore in Europe. More

La página del idioma español (Spain)
Very interesting site on the evolution of Spanish, translation, the training of translators, history of the language, etc. More

Finnish Literature Information Centre (Finland)
Their role is to increase knowledge of Finnish literature and non-fiction abroad and to promote their translation into other languages. More

Mythopoeic Society (United States of America)
International literary and educational organization for the study, discussion, and enjoyment of fantasy and mythic literature, especially the works of J.R.R.Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams. More

Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Sciences (Slovenia)
Its principal task is to conduct research into the historical, comparative, theoretical and bio-bibliographical aspects of Slovenian literature, to publish early Slovenian literary texts, materials, correspondence and works of literary history. More

El Instituto Cervantés (Spain)
World renowned and indispensable institute for all matters pertaining to Spanish language and culture. More

CLIO - Centre de Littérature orale (France)
The CLIO has for main mission to promote and to develop the knowledge and the artistic practices of the oralité in France. More

Royal Society of Literature (United Kingdom)
The purpose of the Society is to sustain and encourage all that is perceived as best, whether traditional or experimental, in English letters, and to strive for a catholic appreciation of literature. More

National Associations of Comparative Literature (Canada)
The main objective of the Association is to foster the study of literature undertaken from an international point of view. More

SIIT - El Servicio Iberoamericano de Información sobre la Traducción (Cuba)
The SIIT is an institution which is devoted to the defence and promotion of translation into Spanish and Portuguese. More

Sahitya Akademi (India)
The Sahitya Akademi was set up by the Government of India to foster and coordinate literary activities in all the Indian languages and to promote through them the cultural unity of India. More

Children's Literature Association (United States of America)
The goals of the Association is to encourage serious scholarship and research in children's literature, to enhance the professional stature of the graduate and undergraduate teaching of children's literature and to encourage high standards of criticism in children's literature. More

Casa de las Americas (Cuba)
Site of the Cuban research centre for south American and Caribbean culture and literature. More

Institute of Polish Literature (Poland)
The main fields of research pursued by the Institute are Literature and literary life from the Middle Ages to modern times, main representatives of Renaissance literature, variety of types of baroque epic poetry, oratory in 17th century. More

Missouri Folklore Society (United States of America)
They encourage the collection, preservation and study of folklore in the widest sense, including customs, institutions, beliefs, signs, legends, language, literature, musical arts, and folk arts and crafts of all ethnic groups throughout the State of Missouri. More

Finnish Literature Research Society (Finland)
Site available only in Finnish. More

Le Culturactif Suisse (Switzerland)
Website for the creation and exchange of literature in Switzerland. More

League of Canadian Poets (Canada)
National association of professional publishing and performing poets in Canada. More

Foundation for the Study of Women's Literature (Germany)
The Foundation has a rich database of women writers who have published at least one fictional work in Germany since 1945. More

Finnish Dramatists’ Union (Finland)
Site available only in Finnish. More

ELIC - Estonian Literary Information Centre (Estonia)
The aim of the Centre is to introduce Estonian literature to as many people as possible, targeting mainly foreign translators and publishing houses. More

Royal Academy of the Basque Language (Spain)
The Royal Academy of the Basque Language is the official academic institution which watches over the Basque language. More

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