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Jerusalem (Israel), 1957. Lives in New York (U.S.A.). Video, installation.

With a postgraduate diploma in video studies from the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, Batsry moved to New York in 1983, where she taught and also edited films and videos. Her videocreations began at the beginning of the eighties, with "Slightly less than a saint" (1982), and her video trilogy "Passage to utopia" comprising “Stories from the old ruin” (1986), “Leaving the old ruin" (1989) and “Traces of a presence to come" (1993).
The processing and blurring of images are the aesthetic characteristics of her work, especially starting from “Of persistence of absence” (1991), and the video “A Simple Case of vision”(1991), influenced by the ideas of the North American architect R. Buckminster Fuller.
Between 2002 and 2003 Batsry was exhibiting the video installation “Fuller´s flow” in Montreal’s Biosphère, the building originally designed by Fuller for the Expo 67 U.S. Pavilion that currently houses a water preservation museum. In this piece, the artist projects video images on screens and on the building’s walls, creating a parallel effect between the water flow and the electronic images.

-Postgraduate diploma in video studies (1983).
-Videocreation: "Slightly less than a saint" (1982), the trilogy "Passage to utopia", comprising the videos: “Stories from the old ruin” (1986), “Leaving the old ruin" (1989) y “Traces of a presence to come" (1993).

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