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Ms Minette VARI

Pretoria, (South Africa), 1968. Lives in Johannesburg (South Africa). Video, Installation.

Vari studied art at the University of Pretoria (South Africa), graduating in 1997. Her “Autorretrato” (Self-Portrait) (1995), a digital print on aluminium, questions identity as a reference. The artist, a white African, changes her image digitally to broaden her nose and fill out her lips. The resulting portrait is of a person who looks like a black African. She displayed this work on an advertising billboard in Pretoria. She took part in the Johannesburg Biennial with her installation, “Decoy: Perfume” (1997), which consisted of a stand selling bottles of perfume.
She showed her video “Alien” (1998) during the 2002 “Mois de la Photo” at the Maison Européene de la Photographie, Paris, France. In the video installation “Oracle” (1999) she evoked a possible analogy between food and information. She curated “Magic Moments” (2000), an exhibition at the Johannesburg Civic Gallery that explored different aspects of the feminine through the work of different artists.
She took part in the “Plateau of Humankind: Venice Biennial” (2001) and in the “World Wide Video Festival” in Amsterdam (2001). In Amsterdam she showed her video installation “Chimera”, which reflects on the complex political situation of post-apartheid South Africa through one of the monuments built in Pretoria in the forties.




-digital print : “Autorretrato” (Self-Portrait) (1995).
-Installation, “Decoy: Perfume” (1997).
-video “Alien” (1998).

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