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First UNESCO mission to Baghdad from 15 to 20 May 2003 

First report on the state of Iraqi cultural heritage in Baghdad. 

Reading room at National library, after looting and fire, UNESCO 2003
The First Expert Mission to Iraq was carried out in order to asses the extent of damage to the cultural property in Iraq and in particular to the Iraqi Museum, the Baghdad National Library, the Bayt al Hikma and the Abbasid Palace.

The mission focused on questions related to the theft of cultural objects, the preparation of an inventory for the Iraqi Museum and the fine-tuning of an action plan that aims at the rehabilitation of the city's principal cultural institutions. The most urgent measures will enable museums' employees to resume their activities.

The mission had the opportunity to extensively assess the damages in the Iraqi National Museum and to establish a list of priority actions in coordination with the Director of the Museum, Ms Nawala Mutawalli, the Director of Research, Mr Donny George and the Director-General of the Iraqi Antiquities Department, Mr Jaber Khalil and under the supervision of Ambassador Piero Cordone, Advisor for Culture designated by the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Start Date 15 May 2003
End Date 20 May 2003
Document 1 Mission Report Baghdad, 17.-20.05.03.pdf
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