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UNESCO Cultural Activities Worldwide

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Programme 2004 - 2005 (32C/5) 


IV.1 Mainstreaming cultural diversity into policy agendas at national and international levels

IV.1.1 Promotion of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and implementation of its Action Plan

  1. Anchoring the principles of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity at national and international levels
  2. The contribution of intercultural dialogue and pluralism to respect for cultural diversity

IV.I.2 Strengthening the links between cultural policies and development policies

  1. Assistance to Member States in preparing and applying innovative cultural policies
  2. Enhancing the linkages between cultural and biological diversity as a key basis for sustainable development

IV.2 UNESCO’s contribution to the protection of the world’s cultural diversity through cultural and natural heritage preservation

IV.2.1 Promotion and implementation of the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972)

  1. Support to the World Heritage governing bodies
  2. Protecting the world’s cultural diversity and supporting the development process through the 1972 Convention

IV.2.2 Protecting cultural diversity through the preservation of cultural heritage in all its forms and through normative action

  1. Preserving cultural diversity through the safeguarding of the physical cultural heritage
  2. Flagship project - Heritage, dialogue and reconciliation: the heritage in pre- and post-conflict situations
  3. Safeguarding and promoting intangible cultural heritage normative action
  4. Protecting cultural diversity through normative action

IV.3 Safeguarding cultural diversity through creativity and development

IV.3.1 Encouraging arts and crafts for sustainable development

  1. The living arts and their contribution to human development and social cohesion
  2. Combining economic growth and poverty reduction through crafts and design

IV.3.2 Strengthening the role of cultural creation in human and economic development

  1. Cultural industries and copyright: policies and partnerships

Projects relating to cross-cutting themes

Eradication of poverty, especially extreme poverty

  1. Handicraft as a socio-economic and cultural development factor
  2. Cultural and ecotourism in the mountainous regions of Centraland South Asia
  3. Forging innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to the Aral Sea Basin
  4. Youth development and poverty reduction through sustainable community tourism in the Caribbean (YouthPATH)
  5. Strategy for the sustainable development of tourism in the Sahara

The contribution of information and communication technologies to the development of education, science and culture and the construction of a knowledge society

  1. ICTs for World Heritage preservation and promotion
  2. DIGI-ARTS subportal/UNESCO knowledge portal

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