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JavaIsis Server
The JAVAISIS Server is a Java 1.0.2 application that communicates with its Clients through a TCP/IP port.
In order to manage CDS/ISIS databases, BIREME's WWWISIS 3.x is used as an engine. The Server actually acts like a filter between WWWISIS parameters and the Client requests, hiding the installation complexity.

Simple installation

JAVAISIS Server reduces to the maximum the number of operations and configurations you have to do for installing your databases on line. Available for different platforms (Windows 9x, NT, Windows 2000, Sun OS 5.5, Linux, HP-UX, IBM-AIX), it allows you to share your data in really short time, without the need to learn CGI or HTML.
In order to install a JAVAISIS Server, it is recommended to install first a JAVAISIS Client and to try to connect to the remote TEST Server. This step is critical to verify whether your system has the right Java Virtual Machine installed.

If something goes wrong, please go to the JavaSoft page to download the last JVM for your Operating System.

Database Sharing List

The file DBLIST contains the list of shared databases. From this moment, everyone connecting your JAVAISIS Server will be able to search on your shared database. You don't even need a HTTP Server to be up and running. You IP number will be quite enough.
Through DBLIST you may also tell the Server how to share the database, restricting or opening the access to some features.

The CIP file is a WWWISIS configuration file which just explains where to find all database's files.

While for Windows based Servers, you may share a copy of the same files you use with CDS/ISIS DOS/Windows versions, for Linux you may need to perform an Export/Import to ISO2709 operation in order to make the database suitable for such an OS. All the conversions utilities comes with the WWWISIS distribution.

Database Installation Demo

A Demonstration Database comes with the JAVAISIS Server installation. As usual the database is the standard CDS.MST which is also distributed with the other CDS/ISIS products. The database is ready to be used (don't change the CIP file): read the manual and launch the Server. To access the local CDS database open your "localhost".