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Accueil > Regional Workshop on Building e-Governance Capacity in African Countries - Mise à jour: 05-12-2002 14:15

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The regional workshop on building e-Governance capacity in African countries is organized, under the banner of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), by the Ministry for Public Service and Administration of South Africa and the African Training and Research Center in Administration for Development (CAFRAD), in partnership with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA) - Division for Public Economic and Public Administration (DPEPA).

The overall objective of the workshop is to raise the awareness of officials and enhance their capacity and competence in the improvement of governance and public service management through adequate and efficient use of ICT in support to current efforts in institutional, economic and administrative reform programmes.
Particularly, the following specific objectives will be pursued:
· raise awareness on the opportunities offered by e-Government in the process of economic and social development;
· present and explore the use of e-Government to foster democracy, efficiency and transparency, leading to increased possibility for countries to attract foreign investments and financial assistance;
· debate the key challenges facing governments in the design and implementation of e-Government programmes;
· prepare high level officials in the implementation of e-Governance in their respective countries, in support of current efforts in institutional, economic and administrative reform programmes; and
· provide a platform for, high-level officials, representatives of civil society organizations and key stakeholders from Africa to exchange views on principles, elements and the implementation of a Plan of Action on e-Governance for Africa.

Date du début 28-10-2002
End Date 31-10-2002
Type d'événement Workshop
Endroit de l'événement Caesars Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa
Site web Site web
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