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Renforcement des capacités pour l’e-gouvernance

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Digital Opportunity Channel is a joint endeavour of OneWorld and the Digital Divide Network. By joining hands, the two organisations seek to bring in a global perspective to the discussion over ICTs and the digital divide.

Digital Opportunity Channel is all about how ICTs can be best used to end poverty and encourage sustainable human development. ICTs can create employment opportunities, increase efficiency and productivity, widen civic participation and support welfare services. Healthcare, education, disaster assistance and environmental protection can be delivered better.

However, while access to ICT is increasing, so is the imbalance between resources for the rich and the poor, between the powerful and the marginalised. The challenge is to bridge this widening gap and ensure equal opportunities for all. Digital Opportunity Channel is a tool to meet that challenge.

The channel is managed and edited by OneWorld South Asia in New Delhi.

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