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Accueil > Met@LoGo: Developing e-local governance portals for the benefit of local SMEs in Latin America - Mise à jour: 24-10-2005 16:40

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Met@LoGo (Meta e-Local Governance), is a @LIS Project, a programme of the European Commission aiming to reinforce the partnership between the European Union and Latin America in the field of the Information Society.

The overall objective of Met@LoGo is to diminish the digital divide by improving communication and cooperation capabilities between small cities and communities in Latin America and their SMEs by the use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Generally speaking, ICT can help achieve the following goals of good governance:
-Improve the quality of services
-Increase efficiency
-Contribute to economic development and ensuring the attractiveness of business locations
-Encourage democracy and participation
-Create broad access to Internet and Multimedia technology

Met@LoGo concentrates its direct efforts on goals 1-3, while the project's process encourages a more general shift towards increased participation and broader access. To reach these goals, Met@LoGo seeks to provide 17 local administrations in 4 Latin American (Colombia, Honduras, Chile, Peru) countries with a simple tool to build and maintain a basic e-local governance portal for the benefit of local SMEs. The project purpose is to build tools and methodologies so that the results of the project can be passed on to other local administrations, ideally starting a snowball effect of innovation diffusion. The dissemination of information and technological innovation can spread both horizontally (local to local) and vertically (local to regional).

To increase e-readiness, tailor-made open source based Administration-to-Administration (A2A) and Administration-to-Business (A2B) applications will be developed to demonstrate the benefits of digitalized transactions and workflow solutions. The "meta-e-local-governance" system will be hosted on an Internet-accessible server and will be managed by a local ASP (Application Service Provider) that will host a number of e-local governance portals, which will be interconnected via a peer-to-peer network. In this way, the technological innovation starts at the point with most obvious benefits: information-sharing and lower transaction costs for both SME and local administration. Met@LoGo aims to be a clearly defined and pragmatic starting point, the first of many arches to the bridge across the digital divide.

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