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Scriptwriting Training for Short Film Production in Nigeria and Sierra Leone

UNESCO and ScriptNet organized a series of scriptwriting training courses for short film production in Nigeria and Sierra Leone in 2004.
Scriptwriting Training for Short Film Production in Nigeria and Sierra LeoneA scriptwriting training course was organized for 30 scriptwriters in Sierra Leone in order to develop short films focusing on the impact of the war and the peace process on the lives of children in Sierra Leone. The course provided intensive training in scriptwriting to increase the capacity of local filmmakers to write stories that portray the impact of the war on children from local perspectives and which use adequately the audiovisual language.

The scripts are to be produced during the Phase II of the project, which will also provide further training in directing and will improve producers’ technical skills.

The same type of training course was organized in Nigeria, wherein 30 scriptwriters were also invited to participate in a workshop, this time concentrating on youth issues and stories representing the expression of Muslim culture.

Final productions from Nigeria and Sierra Leone should be available by 2005. The Nigeria and Sierra Leone workshops were part of the international REEL PEACE project launched by ScriptNet and supported by UNESCO since 2002. The project has already produced a series of fiction films made by Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

The training was provided through the Guilds and Professional Associations, thus contributing to the strengthening of local institutions.