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Se Buscan!

Call for Submissions of Good Ideas and Best Practices of Local Content and Distribution in Latin America: Deadline 15 January 2005
Se Buscan!The call for submissions of good ideas and best practices of local content production and distribution in Latin America was launched early in November this year.

This project seeks examples of Latin American communication channels, which have been successful in proposing an alternative to the commercially – driven media landscape; examples of television/radio/new media content, which are innovative, public-service oriented and those that go beyond conventional forms of communication.

The goals of these project are as follows: to set up an informal network of creative professionals/institutions working in the area of local content and production and to animate this network through the use of ICTs; to assess the feasibility of on-line content and on-demand concepts and models in the region and to identify potential partners; to produce a compilation of best communication practices from the region, which can serve as a model for other regions, and to disseminate these practices worldwide through a DVD or CD-rom; and to raise awareness at decision-making level.

Selected participants and organizations will be invited to particpate in a workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico in February 2005, as organized by UNESCO and various local and international institiutions.

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