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Olho da Rua is a docu-fiction from Brazil presented by the Robert Marinho Foundation/Canal Futura

The overcome of intolerance happens from the elimination of prejudices, of the understanding that other individuals are different and that this diversity may benefit everyone.

No person should be limited by labels. People adopt different social masks according to the other people or place within which they are interacting. Many timnes these masks are loaded with prejudice, feelings of intolerance and simulated behaviours, the multiplicity of which should be used in the programme.

Olho da Rua starts from the principle that the exercise of tolerance begins with attitudes of those around us: people with whom we work, study, or live in the same street or neighbourhood. The programme is a mix of fiction and documentary, located in a typical suburban residential street of a great Brazilian city.

About Canal Futura

On air since September 1997, Canal Futura is the first private TV channel totally devoted to education. With a 24-hour programming, Canal Futura reaches an audience of 20 million people, with programming that is directed to children, youngsters, workers, housewives and teachers, supporting the curriculum of elementary and intermediate public and private schools throughout the country and providing services and useful information to the daily life of Brazilian people.