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Project Phases and Activities

Focus on Mozambique
How to Get Started
Presentation of the Manhiça Community
Focus on South Africa
How to Get Started
Presentation of Alexandra Township

Lessons Learnt: A Step-to-Step Guide

Review of CD-ROM Applications for Learning and Development
ALMA - African Language Material Archives
Digital Anthologies for Development
Electronic Library Series
Enlace Quiche Project
Rural Hygiene in Africa: Nakaseke Virtual Reality
Rural Women in Africa: Ideas for Earning Money

Study on ICT Uses for Lifelong Learning

Gender Equity

Interactive Glossary

13 ICT Projects

The technical partner of the ICT learning initiative in Mozambique.

Concept Interactive, a web design and computer training company, located in South Africa, has accompanied the project team since the beginning, by providing skills training and technical back-up at different stages of the application development.

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