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Youth and Media Globalisation

The precesses summarized in the word ‘globalization’ can-given the will to do it – help realize hopes and ambitions to bring justice, peace and security to all the peoples of the world. Globalization can open new avenues for solving the problems of injustice and poverty through trade, technology transfer, knowledge, and a keener awareness regarding shared values like democracy and human rights.
But, the globalization we see today is not always truly global. The world today is more fragmented than perhaps ever before – between rich and poor, between the powerful and the powerless. Billions of people are excluded from the interaction made possible by globalization. Exclusion is not only a condition experienced in the poorest countries of the South; is equally a problem among groups in the wealthier countries of the world. Problems and conflicts of a similar nature cut through just about every nation of the world: widening income gaps, poverty, environmental degradation, contagion and ill health, ethnic conflict, racism, inequality of men and women, discrimination and intolerance.


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