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XML2ISIS is an utility (Win32) for importing XML data files into a CDS/ISIS database.
Developed thanks to the contribution of DBA (Italy), it is now available for free download from the UNESCO FTP server and it is distributed under the GPL licence.
XML2ISIS is written using Borland Delphi and the ISIS_DLL (BIREME/UNESCO).

XML2ISIS helps you mapping the content of a given XML source file into a new or existing CDS/ISIS database structure. This mapping lets you deal with the complexity of XML structures and build a Record-Field-Sub field tree. Options can be specified for handling particular cases.

XML2ISIS completes the “Export to XML” function of Winisis 1.4 and proposes XML as an alternate data exchange format to ISO2709.

Available interface languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German.

Download XML2ISIS now!

Programmed by Giovanni Santini
Distribution: Open source
Delphi XML parser from: www.destructor.de

A separate software for exporting CDS/ISIS data to XML has also been developed:

Download Isis2XML now!

Programmer: Pierre Chabert
Distribution: Freeware
Note: Only available in French