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GenISIS: DB publishing
GenISIS Screenshot

GENISIS is an authoring software (for Win32) for visually producing web forms to query CDS/ISIS databases. There are two versions of the tool: GenisisWeb, for web publishing and GenisisCD for developing CDRom interfaces for CDS/ISIS databases.
Genisis was originally developed by the former IBISCUS Association (France) for UNESCO and it is now available free of charge on the UNESCO FTP site. The software is written in Microsoft Visual Basic. Its source code is also freely available.

Programmed by Pierre Chabert

Available interface languages: English and French.

Additional language translations can be developed by users. Click here for the list of messages to be translated. Please send them back to us and we will integrate them in a new release of GenISIS.

Genisis, basically implements the following steps: :
  1. the web query form (with field selection and index access);
  2. the display of query results;
  3. the display of a particular record’s details;
  4. test the application;

For GenisisWeb, testing the generated application will require the use of a local web server.

Finally, depending on which version of GENISIS you are using, it is possible to export the generated application to a real internet/intranet server (Windows, Unix, Linux) or to prepare the structure of the CDRom for the copy.

The Genisis user manual is only available in French at the moment.