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Communication and Information Activities

Creative Content: Radio, TV, New Media

Supporting creativity and innovation in local content production in radio, television and new media

UNESCO is launching a new initiative - the UNESCO Programme for Creative Content - aimed at boosting the production and dissemination of local content in both the traditional and new media in the most disadvantaged communities of the developing world. UNESCO plans to do this by:
(1) training content creators
(2) supporting content production
(3) enhancing content distribution channels (“pushing” local content on to the global stage).

The UNESCO Programme for Creative Content is the concrete follow-up to and implementation of the following recognized international instruments:

  • UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity Action plan, item 12.
  • The United Nations ICT Task Force’s Goals: Support local content creation.
  • The United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
  • Beijing Platform for Action, Section J.
  • Programme Specialist