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Library of the Prague Institute of Archaeology Calls for Help

23-08-2002 ()
Library of the Prague Institute of Archaeology Calls for Help
An urgent call for help was launched by the Institute of Archaeology in Prague. When on 14th August the Vltava River flooded the Institute up to 3 metres high destroying the Institute's library. It represented with its 70,000 volumes and its the photographical and geodetical archives the largest archaeological library in the Czech Republic.
"We are forced to seek support and help concerning the salvage and restoration of the damaged funds and collections, so important for the whole archaeological community in the Czech Republic and beyond. Most welcome would be collaboration concerning restoration of books and other materials , for instance for defreezing and drying, donation of publications etc." say the librarians.

Lubos Jirann, the Director of the Academy, says: "After 1st October, the most urgent will be to defreezing of thousands of frozen books (current types of paper incl. coated paper) and geodetical documentation (tracing paper) in defreezing boxes and their further treatment by specialistse".

Jiran also says that the Institute has to establish a new library and that donations of books, periodicals, dictionnaries etc. would be most welcome.


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