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Country profile Uzbekistan
  • 09-07-2010 (Tashkent) 
    Training on HIV issues for e-media in Uzbekistan
  • 08-06-2010 (Almaty) 
    Young TV producers from Central Asia trained on HIV reporting
  • 20-04-2010 (Almaty) 
    Communicating on HIV: UNESCO workshop in Almaty
  • 03-12-2008 (Bishkek) 
    UNESCO’s IPDC supports environmental journalism on the web
  • 31-10-2008 (Tashkent) 
    UNESCO Forum on enhancing capacity in ICT took place in Tashkent
  • 16-06-2008 (Dushanbe) 
    Training journalists to report on HIV and AIDS
  • 29-10-2007 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns murder in Kyrgyzstan of Uzbek journalist Alisher Saipov
  • 10-06-2005 (Paris) 
    Training for Sound and Video Archivists in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
  • Sergey Karpov
    National Programme Specialist, Almaty Cluster Office
  • Bakhtiyor Khalikulov
    National Programme Specialist, UNESCO Tashkent Office
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