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E-governance is the use of ICT by different actors of the society with the aim to improve their access to information and to build their capacities.

E-Governance is the public sector’s use of information and communication technologies with the aim of improving information and service delivery, encouraging citizen participation in the decision-making process and making government more accountable, transparent and effective.
The principal on-going UNESCO activity in the field of e-governance is a cross-cutting project on E-Governance Capacity-Building. This project aims at promoting the use of ICT tools in municipalities to enhance good governance through the development of training modules for local decision-makers in Africa and Latin America.

Past UNESCO activities on e-governance are described in the Documents/Publications under "Resources" section. The "Global survey on on-line governance" and the "Country profiles of e-governance" were undertaken in cooperation with the Commonwealth Network of Information Technology for Development Foundation (COMNET-IT).

Further information on the e-governance survey and the country profiles can be found in the form of a database in the COMNET-IT website.
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