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Content Development: News Archives 2006


  • 01-12-2006 (Paris) 
    UNESCO and US Library of Congress host meeting on World Digital Library project
  • 01-12-2006 (Paris) 
    UNESCO announces selection of video podcast proposals
  • 16-11-2006 (Addis Ababa) 
    African Development Forum: Digital media training to channel voices of African youth
  • 17-10-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Storytelling takes a new form in North-East Delhi
  • 28-09-2006 (Paris) 
    UNESCO launches call for Feature Segment proposals for UN-Family "21st Century" News Magazine
  • 18-09-2006 (Ramallah) 
    Audio library promotes classical Arab literature in schools and radio stations in Palestine
  • 15-09-2006 (Paris) 
    UNESCO launches call for video podcast proposals
  • 09-06-2006 (Paris) 
    UNESCO publishes studies on trends in audiovisual markets in the South
  • 06-06-2006 (Kathmandu) 
    I too have a story
  • 02-06-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Radio journalists in Laos launch new participatory programmes
  • 14-04-2006 (Paris) 
    Jury meets to review radio script writing contest mobilizing for the MDGs
  • 15-03-2006 (Rabat) 
    Environment is favourable for development of knowledge society in Morocco
  • 09-03-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Story telling comes of age
  • 20-02-2006 (Kingston) 
    University of the West Indies and UNESCO launch science-media project
  • 23-01-2006 (Paris) 
    CD-ROM with training material for rural radio broadcasters published
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