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Increasing sustainability of Ethiopian CMCs

12-09-2007 (Addis Ababa)
Increasing sustainability of Ethiopian CMCs
Audiovisual training for Harar
CMC members
UNESCO's Addis Ababa Office in concert with SCC Ltd, a communications firm, will be organizing a 1-week multimedia training workshop in Addis Ababa for rural Community multimedia centers (CMCs) in Ethiopia.
The workshop will focus on reinforcing skills and capacities of 10 young men and women from the UNESCO centers in the towns of Bahir Dar and Harar. In addition to being exposed to the underlying technical skills, the theory behind using digital cameras and audio-visual digital editing software, participants will have ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience in creating multimedia products in local languages addressing local development issues.

Many CMCs in Ethiopia and other developing countries face great difficulties in ensuring their long-term financial sustainability, after the initial seed project funding that created them dries up. With this lesson in mind, the workshop will also expose participants to the concept of social enterprise. It will encourage them to use the skills they will develop to provide both beneficial services to their respective communities and to find opportunities for revenue generation.

The workshop will build on experiences gained in a previous training conducted for the Harar CMC in conjunction with the Harar Regional Bureau for Youth, Sports and Culture. One outcome of this earlier workshop was the production of a VCD highlighting various aspects of the history and culture of the city of Harar, which is now being sold to tourists and visitors. The Harar CMC is also pursuing plans to design and print t-shirts, which can provide other streams of revenue in addition to the traditional offerings of ICT courses and printing services. The Harar CMC now has the opportunity to share these experiences with their Bahir Dar peers.

Hopefully, the sharing of experiences and meeting of these creative young minds will provide new, rich and innovative locally relevant insights to the challenge of sustainability and support the building of local content. Over the coming months, UNESCO will conduct more training activities for other CMCs in Ethiopia.
Increasing sustainability of Ethiopian CMCs Harar CMC trainees

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