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Country profile Montenegro
  • 23-12-2010 (Paris) 
    Second cycle of roundtables on media accountability finishes in South East Europe
  • 16-09-2010 (Paris) 
    Second set of roundtables on media accountability starts in South East Europe
  • 12-05-2010 (Paris) 
    Role of broadcasting regulators discussed at UNESCO Headquarters
  • 22-12-2009 (Podgorica) 
    Media legislation discussed at roundtable in Montenegro
  • 22-10-2009 (Paris) 
    UNESCO discuss about media accountability with the SEE delegations
  • 23-07-2009 (Paris) 
    New website to focus on media accountability in South-East Europe
  • 13-03-2009 (Tirana) 
    UNESCO-supported media accountability project launched in South-East Europe
  • 10-10-2007 (Paris) 
    Raising awareness on local environmental issues through TV documentaries
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