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Power of Peace Network

Building Peace through Communication and Information Global Forum

Second Global Forum in Bangkok
Welcome to the website of the Second Global Forum on the Power of Peace. The Forum will be a working conference designed for the further development of the Power of Peace Network (PPN)
Included in the programme will be a review of an innovative 2.0 online platform and an effort to engage youth and students from university campuses around the world in peace building endeavour. During this forum, we will explore practical options to harnessing media and ICTs in a changing world and how to bring youth to the forefront of leadership, empower civil society and make the power of peace an agent of change.

This power of Peace is a UNESCO stimulated initiative. Our work in Bangkok from 28-30 October 2009 will build on the spirit of the First Global Forum in Bali in 2007, and the evolved effort in the last two years to transform that “spirit of Bali” into a fruitful and functioning reality.

This website will provide you with background information and useful tools like online registration for the meeting in Thailand. Bookmark this page and return to it for updates about the Forum and the events planned in Bangkok.

Exhibition of contemporary Indian art
Practical information

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  • http://www.unesco.org/webworld/en/ppn-bangkok