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Information and communication can help to fight HIV/AIDS by changing young people’s behavior through preventive education schemes and awareness raising campaign in the media.

Workshop for young girls, leaders of associations, on the use of ICT and the fight against HIV/AIDS

In order to promote information and communication technologies (ICT) in Niger, L’Action Jeunesse Féminine du Niger (AJFN) initiated this training project aiming at capacity building of young girls, leaders of associations, in the use of ICT.
Training modules will be organized around the thematic content related to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Therefore, AJFN expects not only to open debate on ICT for development issues, but also to draw the attention of young girls to the risky behaviour in their environment.

This project is part of larger UNESCO's activities, such as:
  • Inter-disciplinary project on ICT helping to fight HIV/AIDS: Changing young people's behaviour through preventive education schemes; and
  • Sub-regional action plan for prevention of HIV/AIDS among the young through ICT.
Furthermore, the project contributes to the concretization of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Action Plan in the area of ICT for non-formal education.

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