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10th UN Inter-Agency Round Table on Communication for Development

Addis Ababa, 12-14 February 2007
Newspaper kiosk in Cotonou, Benin

The overarching objective of th UN Inter-Agency Round Table on Communication for Development is to ensure understanding among the UN agencies regarding the implementation of communication for development programmes and projects. Under this overall objective, each round table develops its agenda and specific objectives with due consideration to current trends and practices. The objectives of the 10th round table are listed below.
The specific objectives of the 10th UN Inter-Agency Round Table on Communication for Development are to:

1. increase interagency joint collaboration:

  1. introduce and promote possibilities at national and international levels (eg. through UNDAF/CCAs: establish advocacy agenda for discussion at the round table; create and showcase pilot projects)

  2. share and show case good practices (eg. interagency publication on communication for development best practices; establish an interagency mechanism for the distribution of audio-visual content produced with support from UN agencies).
2. strengthen awareness within and among UN agencies on ways in which the impact and effectiveness of communication for development can be measured

3. introduce mechanisms to harmonize communication for development programming approaches internationally within the UN system (engage active focal points at international and country levels, reinforce commitment of respective agency HQs, promote the round table and invite wide participation of other UN agencies)