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Community Media: News Archives 2006


  • 27-12-2006 (Dakar) 
    Jokkoo FM: A Rufisque Pride financed by the IPDC
  • 21-12-2006 (Dakar) 
    Senegal's first community radio Penc Mi receives IPDC assistance
  • 20-12-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Indian Government/UN initiative to help widen community radio practice
  • 30-11-2006 (Paris) 
    UNESCO supported radio in Rwanda marks first anniversary
  • 06-11-2006 (Paris/Kigali) 
    UNESCO supported campus radio in Rwanda ranks third most popular station
  • 12-09-2006 (Rabat) 
    UNESCO supports associations to produce radio programmes for Radio Rosso in Mauritania
  • 31-07-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Participative Radio in Vietnam: Let the audience be part of the show
  • 26-07-2006 (Apia) 
    Fiji workshop calls for increased gender perspective in Pacific communication policies and initiatives
  • 19-06-2006 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO supports creation of Bangladesh’s first community radio station
  • 02-05-2006 (Paris) 
    UNESCO helps ABU to develop low-cost mobile broadcasting system
  • 27-04-2006 (Amman) 
    First ever community radio station in Jordan
  • 18-04-2006 (Paris) 
    New Publication: The Southern Africa Media Diversity Journal
  • 14-04-2006 (Paris) 
    Jury meets to review radio script writing contest mobilizing for the MDGs
  • 07-02-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Ta-Oi District Radio hits the airwaves
  • 23-01-2006 (Paris) 
    CD-ROM with training material for rural radio broadcasters published
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