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This course organized by UNESCO and the Union Iberoamericana de Municipalistas (UIM) in the framework of the cross-cutting project on “ICTs to improve governance” financed by the Spanish Government aims at delivering essential skills to local government officials and will examine how ICTs can be used by the local public organizations and what it can bring to local democracy.

More precisely, the goals of this course will be:
  • to promote the implementation of policies and programmes that favor the participation of citizens to the local democratic activities,
  • to assure the use of knowledge and ICTs tools in the organization and management of cities,
  • to develop the use of electronic tools to set up local services.

As in the earlier editions in Spanish and English, the CEGEL will be delivered by making an intensive use of information and communication technologies through a virtual campus (e-campus). The CEGEL educational programme is conceived in three modules: Electronic Local Administration, Local E-government and Electronic Local Democracy. Each module is under the leadership of a tutor, which is the responsible for the academic follow up of the trainees, under the co-ordination of the CEGEL academic director. A total of 135 working hours is needed to meet the requirements to obtain the diploma. The participants of these training programmes can also participate in a community of experts being organized by the ‘Universidade Externado de Colombia’, in the framework of both projects.

The target persons for this class are mayors, members of the city hall council, local civil servants and technicians, NGOs and any other organizations that have an interest in the process of local democracy.

This virtual course will be given in Spanish from 6 Nov. 2006 to 30 March 2007 and in Portuguese from 29 Jan. 2006 to 3 May 2007.

For further information and registration, please visit the website of the ‘Iberoamerican Union of Municipalists’, at and the specific link of each course.

Paul de Guchteneire,
Claudio Menezes, (Spanish) (Portuguese)

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