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Fiji young media producers’ workshop on HIV/AIDS

10-07-2006 (Apia)
Fiji young media producers’ workshop on HIV/AIDS
F. Lomani, S. Lal and T. Chetty
learning how to operate a HD camera
Young people aged between 24-28 years representing Government, NGOs and the University of the South Pacific, were trained to be film documentary producers and to produce two short documentaries addressing HIV/AIDS issues in Fiji.
The Regional Media Centre (RMC) of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) conducted the workshop while UNESCO provided funds as part of its programme "Young TV Producers Global Network on HIV and AIDS". The event was held in the SPC complex in Suva, from 12 to 23 June, 2006.

The objective of the workshop was to train young media producers in Fiji in film documentary production. The participants came with varied knowledge and experience. Two had formal training in journalism; one had television production experience but did not have much knowledge about HIV/AIDS and two did not have any formal training in media but were knowledgeable in HIV/AIDS issues.

The workshop began with HIV/AIDS discussions conducted by representatives of the following organizations; SPC Adolescent Reproductive Health, Fiji AIDS Task force, Fiji Network for HIV+ People, SPC Public Health HIV/AIDS Programme and UNAIDS Suva office. These sessions not only informed the participants about HIV/AIDS issues, they were also able to seek permission for filming on locations at the premises of the various organizations.

The participants learnt documentary production techniques such as; planning and developing ideas for documentaries, basic approaches to producing documentaries, proposal writing, and film production techniques including high definition (HD) video camera, lighting, sound and editing. They wrote scripts, filmed on location and narrated the documentaries with the supervision and guidance of Mr Larry Thomas – Coordinator and Mr Aren Baoa – TV/Video Production Officer of the RMC who were the trainers. The documentary training incorporated some of the methods that Aren Baoa learnt from a 3 months course he attended at the beginning of the year at NHK-CTI, Japan. NHK-CTI is Japan’s national public television network. Teaching materials used included the “UNESCO Video Training Basics: Camera Sound Editing” DVD.

At the end of the two weeks workshop, the outputs were two short documentaries:

“Taking the test” (Duration: 8.53’)
Opportunities for good documentaries are rare especially in a training environment. However, when an opportunity for a story presents itself and the participants took advantage of it, the result is quite amazing. Taking the Test targets youths. The story began when one of the participants decided to go for HIV test. The participant was motivated after listening to the series of lectures presented by well known HIV/AIDS advocates in Fiji. The documentary challenges youths to take advantage of free HIV testing (voluntary, confidential counseling and testing - VCCT) that are made available in each region.

“Faith and Hope” (Duration: 6.22’)
"In the region where the majority of the population claim one sort of religious affiliation or another, religions are being confronted with a reality that is greater than their understanding and teachings. A reality that calls for a theology that embraces rather than shuns HIV/AIDS." Faith and Hope looks at religion as an avenue for support for those who are living with HIV/AIDS. The documentary features “Hare Krishna” a well known religious movement based in Suva, Fiji. Hare Krishna sees HIV/AIDS more from the emotional perspective rather than a physical condition.

>> Download the video "Taking the test"

>> Download the video "Faith and Hope"
Fiji young media producers’ workshop on HIV/AIDS A. Baoa (TV/Video Production Officer, Regional Media Centre, SPC) with the Young Media Producers in session
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