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Trends in Audiovisual Markets -Regional Perspectives from the South

Harnessing ICTs for the Audio-visual Industry and Public Service Broadcasting in Developing Countries. (UNESCO Cross-Cutting Theme (CCT) Project 2004-2005)
The research conducted under this project in 2004-2005, and presented in this book, provides an overview of the main trends in the broadcasting and audiovisual industry worldwide, with a focus on regional patterns of production, consumption and trades in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The sample of countries was selected so as to represent contrasted audiovisual landscapes, some of the studied countries boasting tremendous audio-visual volumes while others have very limited production capacities.

Collation 364 p.
English (URL)
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Author(s) Pierre Sauvé. Olivier Barlet. Emmanuel Cocq. Madanmohan Rao. German Rey. Craig Van Grasstek.
Publication year 2006
Edition 1st Edition
Editor(s) UNESCO CCT Team