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Training of Media Professionals: News Archives 2006


  • 12-12-2006 (Jakarta) 
    When a video camera is no longer a strange thing for an Acehnese
  • 16-11-2006 (Addis Ababa) 
    African Development Forum: Digital media training to channel voices of African youth
  • 14-11-2006 (Hanoi) 
    Enhancing access to information in rural Vietnam
  • 20-10-2006 (Kingston) 
    UNESCO's IPDC enhances media capacity at Radio St. Lucia
  • 18-10-2006 (Bangkok) 
    Raising awareness about Information Literacy
  • 16-10-2006 (Almaty) 
    Capacity building of Central Asian journalists to cover environmental issues
  • 11-10-2006 (Rabat) 
    Investing in democracy in Mauritania by strengthening journalists’ capacities
  • 06-10-2006 (New Delhi) 
    International Workshop on Greenstone Digital Library Software
  • 04-10-2006 (Rabat) 
    Training for producing programme for Mauritania’s local radio Barkeol starts today
  • 12-09-2006 (Rabat) 
    UNESCO supports associations to produce radio programmes for Radio Rosso in Mauritania
  • 08-09-2006 (Beijing) 
    Practical Guide for media practitioners in Mongolia
  • 23-08-2006 (Health-e) 
    Kaiser-CNN Award for Excellence in HIV/AIDS Journalism in Africa
  • 08-08-2006 (Paris/Accra) 
    Benin community multimedia practitioners call for efforts towards a national network
  • 31-07-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Participative Radio in Vietnam: Let the audience be part of the show
  • 19-07-2006 (Apia) 
    UNESCO supports new approach to media and journalism training in the Pacific
  • 26-05-2006 (Paris) 
    New partnership between UNESCO’s ACCESS-net centre and Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity established
  • 23-05-2006 (Rabat) 
    Journalist training for women in preparation of June 2006 referendum in Mauritania
  • 11-05-2006 (Paris) 
    Fostering partnerships between Africa and Eurasia ICT training professionals
  • 28-04-2006 (Rabat/Nouackchott) 
    World Press Freedom Day being celebrated in Mauritania through journalists’ capacity building
  • 14-04-2006 (Paris) 
    Jury meets to review radio script writing contest mobilizing for the MDGs
  • 27-03-2006 (Monrovia) 
    UNESCO sponsors media training in Liberia
  • 10-03-2006 (Paris) 
    Revised and improved Education Makes News training kit goes online
  • 07-03-2006 (Rome) 
    IMARK launches new e-learning module
  • 01-03-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Maldives nurtures TV talents
  • 16-02-2006 (Saint Lucia) 
    Mobilizing Caribbean journalists for Education for All
  • 06-02-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Training and professionalisation of rural media in Pakistan
  • 03-02-2006 (Paris) 
    Online workshop for journalists on Education for All organized by UNESCO
  • 25-01-2006 (Kuala Lumpur) 
    Retraining Afghan Media
  • 23-01-2006 (Paris) 
    CD-ROM with training material for rural radio broadcasters published
  • 20-01-2006 (Dhaka) 
    Media and HIV/AIDS: Training of trainers workshop on developing multimedia material
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