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Disaster Information Kit for the Caribbean Media, Communities and Families

22-09-2005 (Barbados)
Resources to aid news reporting on disasters in the Caribbean have been revised through a partnership between the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) and UNESCO.
The “Disaster Information Kit for the Caribbean Media, 6th Edition”, provides background information on natural and man-made hazards to help reporters when covering disasters and hazards in the region. This was among three publications which were revised through funding from UNESCO as part of its on-going development educational work in the Caribbean.

“CDERA sees this as an important contribution to ongoing efforts to improve our early warning systems capacity,” said Coordinator of CDERA, Jeremy Collymore.

Two other publications: “Family Emergency Plan” and the “Community Emergency Plan” were also revised. Published in a comic book format, the work, produced by the National Emergency Commission of Costa Rica, was originally in Spanish. The first English edition was reproduced by CDERA with funding from the European Community Humanitarian Office Disaster Preparedness Programme (DIPECHO) with the permission of the publishers. This second revision with support from UNESCO has “Caribbeanized” the works.

Phase one of a revision of another publication “Disaster Management: Interactive Class Materials” has been completed. This book is being used in secondary schools teachers of Geography, Social Studies, Integrated Science, and Family Life Education.

“We see this as an important step forward in helping to build a culture of disaster loss reduction. These collective works represent important contributions to the regional commitment for building resilient communities as agreed in the Hyogo Declaration of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction,” said Mr Collymore.

Digital versions of the first three publications are available on the websites of CDERA and UNESCO. A date for the release of the revised school text book is pending.

The project also developed 19 word games on six different hazards which introduces a way that is both fun and enjoyable in which to learn about serious subjects. These are available in the formats of cross word puzzles, anagrams, hangman, and quizzes. The games as well as the Family Emergency Plan and the Community Emergency Plan are available online at CDERA's website.
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