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Creative Content: News Archives 2002


  • 04-12-2002 
    Networking Young Television Producers on HIV/AIDS
  • 28-10-2002 
    Filming the Peace Process in Sri Lanka
  • 24-09-2002 
    Radio Brings Information to Bamiyan
  • 23-09-2002 
    Caribbean Seminar for Excellence in Public Television
  • 20-09-2002 
    Hollywood in Africa? African Filmmaking Today
  • 19-09-2002 
    Caribbean Film and Television Industry Portal Launched
  • 16-09-2002 (Kingston) 
    IT for Video Production: Caribbean Workshop Held in Curacao
  • 05-09-2002 
    UNESCO Launches New International Programme on Local Content
  • 13-06-2002 
    Afro@Digital, A Documentary on the Digital Revolution in Africa
  • 11-06-2002 
    UNESCO to Participate in International Market for Independent and Local Broadcasters
  • 10-05-2002 
    Afghanistan Television Receives International Programmes Package
  • 20-09-2002 
    Filming in Africa: Then and Now
    By Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda
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