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News Archives 2005


  • 13-12-2005 (Paramaribo/Kingston) 
    Remote village in Suriname sends first email
  • 01-12-2005 (New Delhi) 
    Inauguration of Community Telecentre in Indian village of Agya
  • 23-11-2005 (Kigali) 
    UNESCO supported campus radio on air in Rwanda
  • 14-10-2005 (New Delhi) 
    Approaches to community-based learning using ICT shared at UNESCO workshop
  • 07-10-2005 (Kingston) 
    ICTs and sustainable development of remote, rural and marginalized communities
  • 25-08-2005 (Addis Ababa) 
    UNESCO launches a sixth community telecentre in Ethiopia
  • 22-08-2005 (New Delhi) 
    Nepal CMC Recognized for Innovative Use of Cheap and Simple Technologies
  • 09-08-2005 (Maputo) 
    CMC’s CD-ROM wins Mozambican ICT award
  • 01-07-2005 (Paris) 
    A trainerís experience at the Sengerema Community Multimedia Centre (CMC) in Tanzania
  • 24-06-2005 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Installs First CMCs in Mali Scale-up Initiative
  • 22-06-2005 (Paris) 
    Mali CMC Gets High Speed Connection
  • 16-06-2005 (Accra) 
    Uganda CMCs Scoop Awards
  • 15-06-2005 (New Delhi) 
    Blind and Visually Impaired Youth Introduced to ICT at Nepal CMC
  • 06-06-2005 (Paris) 
    Workshop Launches New ICT Partnership in Mali
  • 27-05-2005 (Paris) 
    Mozambican President Opens New Community Multimedia Centre in Chokwe
  • 13-05-2005 (Paris) 
    The First Scale-up CMC Gets off the Ground in Mozambique
  • 02-05-2005 (Paris) 
    Study Shows Positive Impact of African Languages on FM Radio
  • 11-04-2005 (Paris) 
    UNESCO and Helen Keller International Join Forces to Support CMCs in Mali
  • 04-04-2005 (Paris) 
    Cooperation in Capacity Building for Development
  • 29-03-2005 (Kingston) 
    Gunsi, Suriname. A Village Comes Alive during Community Multimedia Centre Training Workshop
  • 17-03-2005 (Paris) 
    Ethnographic Action Research Begins in Mali
  • 16-03-2005 (Paris) 
    The MultiMedia Training Kit Experience in Nigeria
  • 03-02-2005 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Supported Project Wins Yeoman Award for Local Content
  • 01-02-2005 (Paris) 
    Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK) Now in French
  • 24-01-2005 (New Delhi) 
    Community Radio Broadcasters Gathered in the Philippines
  • 18-01-2005 (Paris) 
    VSAT at CMC Puts Benin Community in Touch with World
  • 12-01-2005 (Paris) 
    Mali CMC Makes Níko Newspaperís Circulation Soar
  • 11-01-2005 (Paris) 
    National Informatics Centre (India), Open Knowledge Network and UNESCO Join Forces to Develop New Community Software Tool
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