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Communication and Information Activities

Information Literacy

UNESCO’s action to provide people with the skills and abilities for critical reception, assessment and use of information and media in their professional and personal lives.

The specific purpose of the thematic debate was to consult with researchers and other experts in the field of information literacy, both within UNESCO and within our constituent stakeholders, to identify the particular contribution that the Information for All Programme can make in helping to ensure all peoples have the opportunity to become information literate.
by Abdelaziz Abid, UNESCO, Information Society Division

Brief for presenters

An Analysis of Information Literacy Education Worldwide
by Penny Moore, Educational Research Consultant and Executive Director of the International Association of School Librarianship

Apprendre à maîtriser l’information - Pensez aussi aux archives !
par Perrine Canavaggio, Secrétaire générale adjointe, Conseil international des Archives

Becoming Information Literate: What? When? How?
by Albert K. Boekhorst, UVA

Distinguishing ICT Literacy from Information Literacy
by Philip C. Candy, NHSU Institute

The Global Significance of Information Literacy in Workforce Development - An International Perspective
by Hannelore B. Rader, Dean University Libraries, University of Louisville, United States of America

Information literacy for lifelong learning
by Abdelaziz Abid, UNESCO, Information Society Division

Education aux Médias et aux TIC à l’ère numérique : les priorités symboliques et structurelles pour l’alphabétisation à l’Information
par Divina Frau-Meigs, professeur, université Paris 3-Sorbonne nouvelle

Health Literacy: Suggested Sources National Forum on Information Literacy Meeting (May 13, 2005)

The Librarians’ viewpoint
by Kay Raseroka, President of IFLA

Reflections on Information Literacy in the Context of Health and Human Services
by Philip C. Candy, NHSU Institute

Le curriculum en information - Maîtrise scientifique et maîtrise technique de l’information
par Yves-François Le Coadic, CNAM

The Prague Declaration - "Towards an Information Literate Society" (Prague, Czech Republic, 20-23 September 2003)

Report of the Information Literacy Meeting of Experts (Prague, The Czech Republic, 20-23 September 2003)
Written by Spenser Thompson, MLIS and edited by Jill Cody, MPA.

Report of the Thematic Debate on Information Literacy (Paris, 5 April 2005)
By Lawrence Zwimpfer