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UNESCO and Iraq

Teaching Human Rights

Programme for building capacities in Iraq

Teaching Human Rights
This pipeline project aims at developing a human rights research and teaching programme in a leading Iraqi University, to be followed by other Universities.

The project includes the establishment of several documentation centres on human rights and the creation of a UNESCO Chair in Human Rights at a University in Iraq. The programme should strengthen the capacities of Iraqi academia and civil society, which will enable both to play a constructive role in the advancement of human rights in the country and region.

The long-term objective is to contribute - through this programme - to the Iraqi academic debate and research on human rights, as a means of supporting human rights policy development in Iraq.

An enriched and more systematic academic debate and research on human rights would contribute in the long-term to a better-informed policy-making in the field of human rights in Iraq.

If positively evaluated, activities under this project could include:

  • organization of a series of workshops and seminars in order to increase the capacities and knowledge of Iraqi academics, as well as to strengthen cooperation between Iraqi and sister universities, including exchanges of researchers;

  • creation of a summer school for students and young researchers on human rights standards and procedures for their protection, as well as on major threats and challenges to human rights, following an interactive and participatory approach;

  • establishment of Documentation Centres on Human Rights, with the resources and capacities needed to undertake teaching and research programmes in co-operation with regional and international academic networks;

  • support to the creation of a UNESCO Chair in Human Rights at a leading university in Iraq.