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  • 21-11-2005 (Paris) 
    Parliaments must ensure freedom of information and freedom of expression
  • 23-09-2005 (Honiara) 
    Digitisation of Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation Archive underway
  • 20-09-2005 (The Hague) 
    Experts to discuss preservation of digital heritage in November in The Netherlands
  • 01-09-2005 (Paris/Seoul) 
    Czech National Library to receive UNESCO/Jikji Memory of the World Prize
  • 29-07-2005 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Memory of the World Programme at World Library Congress
  • 25-07-2005 (Vienna) 
    Preservation training for audiovisual archivists completed in Austria
  • 21-07-2005 (Addis Ababa) 
    African digital library survey
  • 30-06-2005 (Paris) 
    Survey on audiovisual archives in Europe launched
  • 21-06-2005 (Paris) 
    Twenty-Nine New Documentary Collections Inscribed on the Memory of the World Register
  • 10-06-2005 (Paris) 
    Training for Sound and Video Archivists in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
  • 17-05-2005 (Paris) 
    UNESCO and FAO Launch Training CD-Rom on Digitisation for Librarians and Laymen
  • 24-03-2005 (Paris) 
    Seven Nominations Pre-selected for UNESCO/Jikji Memory of the World Prize
  • 22-03-2005 (New Delhi) 
    Developing Radio Archives in Laos and Bangladesh
  • 07-03-2005 (Paris) 
    Access to Thousands of Archives Through UNESCO Archives Portal
  • 25-02-2005 (Paris) 
    Slave Trade Archives Project Completed
  • 18-02-2005 (New Delhi) 
    Digitizing Samoa's Radio Archives
  • 17-02-2005 (Montevideo) 
    Course on Building Digital Libraries in Fortaleza, Brazil
  • 25-01-2005 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO Workshop on Audiovisual Digital Archiving for Asian Public Service Broadcasters
  • 20-01-2005 (Vienna) 
    Austrian Experts to Discuss Long-term Preservation in the Digital Era
  • 11-01-2005 
    Symposium on UNESCO’s History - Call for expressions of interest
  • 07-01-2005 
    Sri Lanka Disaster Management Committee for Libraries, Information Services and Archives Established
  • 05-01-2005 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO Starts Assessing Situation of Archives and Libraries in Asia Disaster Region
  • 04-01-2005 (Paris) 
    International Appeal for the Preservation of the World Audiovisual Heritage
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