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Multilingualism in Cyberspace: News Archives 2004


  • 24-12-2004 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Seed Funding for Universal Scripts Project Complemented US Research Grant
  • 15-11-2004 
    Inuit Language Finds Home on Net
  • 12-11-2004 (Paris) 
    Initiative B@bel and Script Encoding Initiative Supporting Linguistic Diversity in Cyberspace
  • 02-11-2004 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Sponsored Research Finds WWW Fracturing Into Language Communities
  • 13-09-2004 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO Supports Nepali Font Standardization
  • 11-08-2004 (Paris) 
    UNESCO to Publish Handbook on Language Preservation and Documentation
  • 08-07-2004 (New Delhi) 
    Language Portal INDOLANC Launched in Indonesia
  • 01-06-2004 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Supports Development of Armenian Unicode System
  • 12-03-2004 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Publishes Series of Articles on Multilingualism on the Internet
  • 23-02-2004 (Paris) 
    Parcourir le cyberespace ŕ la recherche de la diversité linguistique
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